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The Juggle solution provides you with all of the tools that you need to stay ahead of the energy saving game by giving you all of the control that you need, while saving the planet at the same time.

Reduce costs

Adopting new technology and efficient practices can reduce both the average unit cost of import and the total quantity of energy demanded, thus reducing total energy cost volumes.

Become energy independent

Developing and adopting an energy strategy will reduce your dependence on a single source of energy, most obviously the grid supply. Becoming independent will make your business less susceptible to the volatility driven by external macro-economic adversity.

Appeal to your stakeholders

Sustainable and efficient energy practices are increasingly valuable to varying company stakeholders and are very topical at present.

Champion energy innovation

Looking ahead in anticipation of forthcoming energy trends and further regulatory changes can bolster long term continuity and commercial competitiveness. Our pioneering technology will help you stay ahead of competition and champion energy innovation.

Fight climate change

By partnering with us to implement and manage a sustainable energy system, we are doing our part to reduce carbon footprint and fight climate change.

Meet (and surpass) government targets

Adopting energy efficient practices helps streamline your strategy to government consumption targets.

How Juggle can help

Export limitation control to G100

We can supply comprehensive export limitation control systems, including controlled ramping of inverters and provision of reverse power relay logic to comply with ENA EREC G100. We have a wealth of experience of developing G100 solutions for complex and diverse environments. Within our existing portfolio we have provided solutions for metering import and export at both HV and LV (including multiple points of supply), solving problems such as providing failsafe communication across large sites where running cables is not possible. By utilising existing BMS system communications, specifying failsafe wireless communications, serial communications over RS485 or TCP communications over a LAN, we can provide a wealth of solutions to provide G100 export limitation in a variety of difficult environments.

ESG lending help

With sustainable financing becoming more prominent in the mid-market, it is of interest to UK businesses to lay out a sufficient sustainability plan, detailing their commitment to ESG to their lenders. Recent market surveys show that nearly 60% of mid-market lenders have an ESG lending strategy, with more than 90% of the same firms deeming ESG lending to increase significantly in the coming years.

ESG outputs for stakeholders

Our user-friendly interface and visualisations will allow you to ingest the data and perform energy audits, which can be reported on and assessed. With the increasing influence of ESG reporting and the mandatory requirement for publicly listed companies to submit an annual report, we will provide outputs that can be seamlessly presented to stakeholders and reported on in mandatory documents.

Want to learn more?

Our team would love to talk more with you about how Juggle can help you on your journey to a clean energy future. Contact us today.

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